The Other Side of the Chair: Perspectives from a Banker gone Dentist…

After working so many years in the banking industry, I have come to the conclusion that all banks operate a single product and that is money. However, they differ greatly on their working cultures. Working in different banks can be tricky especially given the fact that you need to learn their different cultures. This did not deter me from working there. I knew that I needed to learn these cultures in order to cope and to help the banks achieve their goals. After many years, I feel contented to see most of the principles I taught back when in the banking industry applied today to most businesses. I have also witnessed Dentistry change suddenly.

Dentistry keep changing quickly

Back then, you would fear visiting the dentist due to all the activities that go down there. However, with the evolution of the new technology and modern techniques, most of the dentistry process is now computerized with modern treatment methods that are a bit friendlier. However, I am certain when the dentist comes in; I am not going to understand a single thing he does.


The term recession differ from every one’s view depending what you want it to mean. For instance, in the banking industry recession means a period when there is a drop in the economy such that trade is reduced. In dentistry I am not sure if it means anything.


When I look at dental procedure that meant something yesterday, such as root canal I feel cheated knowing today something took their place. I feel like am in another world where I barely understand a thing and since I avoid embarrassment I resolve to the internet for answers buy still it leaves me clueless. In short what I am saying is that if you happened to come to the bank, I will not treat you the same. I will not assume that you know but I will try to make you comfortable but clarifying everything. The same should apply in the dentist room.

Effective communication begins with listening

It is very important you listen to your patient. Know their tribulations and explain to them in detail why you are asking certain questions. This goes a long way.

Learn How to deliver a personalized patient care

Ensure that you explain to the patient why you are doing certain routines. Let them not just be a routine but a routine with a reason. Learn to listen to your customers.

Pamper us and it will pay dividends

Before my visit to the dentist was over, I went through some routine that made me feel nice. They made me feel comfortable and soon my treatment was over. In spite of enjoying treatment I am still not understanding what they were doing and for what reason.