Have you been experiencing a backlog in patient cases at your dental clinic? A sudden increase in referrals can have you rushing around trying to gather and analyze data on old and new patients and that may start to get in the way of your bottom line. This article takes a look at some of the reasons why a hygiene assistant can benefit to your dental practice.

A lot of times people don’t realize just how important it is to have an aide or assistant especially when experiencing growth in a private clinic. Hiring an individual committed to ensuring examinations and treatments are properly logged, reading charts, explaining to patients how to follow treatment plans, and helping perform simple scans can make a major difference to a private clinic.

An assistant makes you more effective by reducing your workload and monitoring the progress of patients; which in turn, benefits the patients as well, because they have access to additional care and medical contact at the clinic. But as with any other staff addition, you have to go through the hiring process and that means setting up an interview and perhaps temporary placement to find out how the assistant performs.

Remember you’ll be looking for an individual with entry-level education to Dental Assistant and they will be responsible for taking vital signs, ensuring patients follow prescribed treatment, taking impressions for whitening trays, taking radiographs, and essentially speeding up periodontal charting process.

State regulations should be considered when hiring a medical assistant and proper training and accreditation on the part of the applicants is a must; as well as any relevant licensing documentation. The assistant should attend regular staff meetings and strive to establish a good working relationship with existing staff and the patients. This will go a long way in creating a comfortable environment for everybody coming in for consultation or treatment.

Salary and other remunerations should be discussed earlier on, and it should be determined whether the new assistant should be compensated through adjustable plans. The hygienist will rely on the doctor for diagnostics and information on patient history and any scheduling challenges should be addressed early enough. If the hygiene assistant is unable to report for work, it should be determined who should fill their position temporarily.

Medical assistants may experience low motivation due to the nature of their repetitive duties and assignments, so employers are encouraged to provide an environment that encourages effort and passion for work. To prevent employee burnout or boredom, education seminars may be scheduled, an additional commission-based remuneration plan may be added to the salary, and communication should be encouraged.